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Mindfulness is more than a buzzword used to describe a way of thinking or a form of meditation. Mindfulness is a way of living. By practicing mindfulness we become grounded and aligned. This is why I practice mindful branding with clients when building their brand identity. This article will help you understand what a mindful brand is and how can you incorporate mindfulness into your business for success. 

Finding a connection between your brand’s vision and brand goals will help you build an intentional brand that resonates with your target market. By identifying your audience’s needs you can build a brand identity around them. Your brand identity is predicated partly on the type of business you are and the particular feeling and emotion you want to elicit from your audience to reach your goals. Some examples are Nike an athletic performance brand that makes shoppers feel like they can take risks and perform better by just doing it. Tiffany & Co. is a luxury brand that makes its consumers feel valued, loved, and cared for with a piece of jewelry. Apple makes you think creatively.

How your audience feels about your brand’s identity, marketing position, and the content you create will determine if they will become a consumer. This video has a great breakdown of the psychology of your target audience, their behavioral habits, and their emotions around branding and money. When you make a choice about a brand you are choosing to create an identity. You are telling the world, I support that brand’s mission and vision, brand positioning, and values. Brand identity is much deeper than just a logo, color palette, or product and service. It is the way a consumer interacts with you.

The impression someone gets from your brand identity will build brand loyalty. Strong brand loyalty builds brand culture which helps you grow organically. That level of trust makes building a brand identity crucial as it impacts people’s emotions creating habits with your brand. 

So when you think of mindfulness and how it relates to branding it applies in the same ways that it does in every facet of your life and the choices that you make. Designing a brand that your target market loves will build customer loyalty and retention.

Have you ever noticed when a brand shares its vulnerability people empathize with them and relate to them? This is because they have been mindful of their branding and positioning. They are aware of human psychology and how that plays into our decision-making process and affects their target market’s pain points. It’s not a manipulation tactic it’s the human psychology behind our actions and patterns. 

I give all of my clients a questionnaire when we begin working together that helps me understand their personal psychology and what resonates with them so I can build a brand identity with longevity that fits the needs of their target market. 

If you are struggling to build a loyal audience and make money with your brand deconstruct your brand’s identity and look at it from your target market’s needs. Then build a brand identity that makes them feel a certain way so they can trust you. Once you approach your business mindfully you will see a change in your results and slowly start to reach your goals. 

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