Social Media Management

With the help of our team we create content, post content and manage your social media. 

Biweekly brand strategy call 

Photography and videography to create unique content that stands apart.

All content is upload to a shared calendar two weeks in advance for approval before posting to social media.  

Establish a brand culture, aesthetic and loyal following. 

What's Included In Every Package:

Access to shared software management system to see all of your content, access your files, photos, stories, affiliate links, hashtags and see a monthly preview of your content.


Let us take the work out of managing your social media for you.

By planning 30-60 days ahead you are always prepared, organized, and able to stay focused.

We track your analytics, audience, manage brand partnerships and so much more. With the help of our brand consulting and creative direction you never have to worry about what to post next, or posting daily. 


Our Packages vary in price with the option to add on social media platforms, curated stories, brand pitching, media kits, affiliates, BLOGGING, TRANSCRIBING, PODCAST PRODUCTION, PHOTOGRAPHY, VIDEOGRAPHY, ADVERTISING, SPONSORED POSTS and more. Each packages is customizable to fit your needs which may reduce or increase the cost.

Our standard packages




Most Popular 

Introduction Package

All Inclusive

*If supplying own content prices subject to change


*Individual photos/videos/content offered with pay-per-content option 

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